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All bets are off when Foot Locker referees are in charge

The stunning ending to the Packers/Seahawks game has left a sports crazy nation puzzled.

Seahawks receiver Golden Tate pushed Packers defender Sam Shields to the ground. Tate then jumped with the cluster of players seen above. Packers defender M.D. Jennings (above right) appeared to catch the ball, pull it to his chest, and fall down on top of Tate (#81 below). But Tate’s arm was extended out from under the pile with his hand touching the ball when the referees arrived to make a call. One signaled it was a touchdown while the other referee signaled that it was an interception.

After a momentary review, the referees decided to award the touchdown. Bettors saw about $200 million shift from Packers bettors to Seahawks bettors.

The next day, the NFL released a statement affirming the award of the touchdown, but noting that pass interference should have been called, effectively ending the game as a Packers victory.

With replacement referees working all games while the NFL continues negotiations with its employee referees, NFL coaches, players, stadium crowds (and bettors) are going ballistic over shoddy work by the novice refs.

Many Packers players tweeted their displeasure with the outcome, but M.D. Jennings decided to avoid getting a fine and took the high road.

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