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Blackless Black Friday

Here’s a hilarious parody of Black Friday mashed up with “The Purge.” Ben Stiller’s production company Red Hour Films creates pieces for the You Tube channel Nacho Punch. It’s funny but not completely reflective of society at large.

Media content of this nature is heavily sanitized to avoid delivering the reality that all segments of society have both noble and ignoble people.

Ever notice how commercials and comedy sketches tend to portray couples as a smart, in-charge woman with a hapless man? In any burglar alarm commercial, which ethnicity is always portrayed as the burglar(s)? Got to be a white guy or the Internet mob would hashtag the advertiser into smoldering ashes.

Because of racial sensitivity, Stiller’s people had to make sure all of the violent aggressors in Black Friday are white people to sidestep charges of racism.

One African America female is seen screaming at the horror around her and the lone African American male is the wise old sage security guy shaking his head at the carnage.

It’s parody, people.

The search for laughter begins with a wide open, cone shaped vision that is narrowly tuned down into the same tired premise, leaving viewers with a skewed vision of reality.

The biggest skin disorder in our society is an abundance of thin-skinned people.

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