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After another police officer is assassinated, Mayor Fischer proclaims Louisville safe

26-year-old Brandon Shirley, a Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputy, was shot to death while working security at a Shively car lot. Deputy Shirley’s assailant has not been apprehended although Louisville Metro Police Chief Erika Shields says they have identified potential suspects.

Chief Shields said the victim was targeted. “If someone is really determined to kill you, they will kill you. And that was the case here,” she said during the news briefing.

“We will make an arrest,” Shields said.

Brandon Shirley

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer joined me on 840WHAS radio today to discuss the decorated officer’s death and answer questions about protection of law enforcement and the overall safety of the city.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer

The interview became a bit contentious as I pressed the mayor on the perception that he does not offer strong support to his police force. “That is a ridiculous assertion,” the mayor fired back.

Earlier in the show, I spoke with Jeffersontown Police Chief Rick Sanders who was not shy about challenging the Louisville mayor’s contention that he supports his cops.

From at least 7 total shootings, Louisville’s 116th and 117th homicides of 2021 were recorded over the two days following Mayor Fischer’s contention that the city is safe.

After a community crisis, media organizations report on reactions from elected officials. Here are condolence compilations from the Courier Journal newspaper and WHAS11 television.

In the final hour of my WHAS Radio show, I wondered why certain political candidates did not tweet condolences to the family of the slain officer.

Two mayoral candidates, Tim Findley and Shameka Parrish-Wright, did not acknowledge the death of Deputy Shirley although they were both active on Twitter. Senate candidate Charles Booker mourned the loss of union leader Richard Trumka but did not tweet about the dead deputy. Congressional candidate Attica Scott also ignored the death of the policeman but found time to retweet actor LeVar Burton’s musings about hosting Jeopardy.

After I tweeted about the candidates ignoring the police tragedy, two of them (Findley and Booker) posted late night responses.

After my tweet spotlighting certain politicians’ decisions to ignore the murder of Deputy Brandon Shirley, USA Today political reporter Phillip Bailey swung the narrative back to alleged victims of police neglect. Southern Indiana jail inmate Ta’Neasha Chappell died at a Seymour hospital after repeatedly complaining of pains.

Apples and oranges, of course. I spotlighted the messaging (or lack thereof) by various politicians to gauge their empathy towards police officers who’d been murdered or injured by predators.

Last fall, two LMPD officers were shot at a #BreonnaTaylor protest in downtown Louisville.

Courier Journal, September 24, 2020

Did these same politicians and community leaders who’ve marched and tweeted in support of #RacialEquity, #DefundThePolice, and #BlackLivesMatter also publish sympathetic messages for the officers who’ve been shot? Or are they playing to a constituency that wants to believe ACAB (all cops are bastards)?

Sadiqa Reynolds works hard generating job training, financial seeding, and other boosts for Black citizens in her role as CEO of Louisville Urban League. She also crafted the Path Forward for Louisville, including an initial $50 million demand for city resources to help “re-imagine” policing after Breonna Taylor was killed by LMPD.

Nonetheless, Sadiqa has a heart for every member of society, including police officers. Instead of silently ignoring the assassination of a cop, Sadiqa understands that #EverySoulMatters.

I feel it’s fair to question any person running for public office if they mourn all citizens or just some lives matter.

That’s right, Mr. Bailey. Spot on.

In Chicago, two police officers were shot two days after the Louisville killing of Deputy Brandon Shirley. Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot, a friend of the #DefundThePolice movement, struck a different tone regarding the death of a young mother who happened to be a Chicago cop making a traffic stop.

As for Mayor Fischer’s radio interview claim that LMPD officers did not turn their backs on him, or that “it was misreported,” watch this SnapChat video.

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