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America is vag-ing out – Nasty girls unite!

trump haters gonna hate

In with the Trump, in with the hysteria. Faded celebs are losing their minds over The Donald.

Ashley Judd went vaggie loco again. But in a good way. She slammed a damning poem that was one part brilliant and two parts crazy.

Ash’s rant was but a small part of domestic discord. (Her sister Wynona stayed out of the kerfuffle).


The vagina suit is America’s new go-to look in the wake of Donald Trump’s election as U.S. president. A million women protested across the country one day after the Trump inauguration spurred violent protests.

Women's march, Washington DC, January 23, 2017
Women’s march, Washington DC, January 23, 2017

Reproductive rights, incarceration, pay equity…what? what? what? Hmmm…what to wear? Just vag out during Trumpalooza. Giant vagina costumes are all the rage. Just keep that girl clean!

vagina costume woman

Our pussies ain’t for grabbing.” – Ashley Judd, waxing eloquent on bloody bedsheets, Hitler, Cheeto dust, and paternal lecherousness

censored protester trump is disgusting

women in vagina costumes

“There’s a fungus among us.” – a Rosie O’Donnell dream theme

foulmouth liberal protester

“A garden of love grows in a grandmother’s heart.” – not the broad pictured above

snowflake womens march

Decorum isn’t completely dead. Most people avoid picking on Trump’s 10-year-old kid. Liberal bullies are still bullies.

Vulgar, violent protests can’t help the self-proclaimed tolerance brand. Not even smack-talking to Trumpsters is a winning strategy.

violence and destruction marred some of the DC protests on inauguration day 2017
violence and destruction marred some of the DC protests on inauguration day 2017

Here’s a refresher course to avoid alternative facts:

the 1963 federal equal pay act guarantees equal pay for equal work so there must be some variance in procedures or else there’d be 100 million federal lawsuits pending

women are not all of the same mindset, so stop selling the notion that one woman’s philosophy must be accepted by all other women

women entertainers make tons of money exploiting women emotionally through songs like Roar, Fight Song, I am Woman, I’m Every Woman, This is a Woman’s World, Sisters are Doing it for Themselves, etc.

Vag out. Pursue your dreams. Realize that there are no WOMEN NOT ALLOWED signs on the engineering school, the science lab, the business school, etc. The world awaits your contributions. Just don’t show up for the interview in a giant vag costume that looks like a week-old sub sandwich.

ashley judd womans march Jan 2017

As for Ashley Judd’s impressive recitation of a Tennessean’s poem, did any reader look at Ashely’s outfit and make a judgment? Of course you did. That’s another of the conundrums facing females, how to teach people to avoid objectifying others when most people do it instinctively.

Some of the same people who took part in the women’s march will watch Fashion Police, Say Yes to the Dress, and the Academy Awards red carpet shows so that they can critique women’s clothes. Mixed message much?

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