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America’s team wins again, rolled by the Double A Train

Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones scored four rushing touchdowns vs the Dallas Cowboys, October 6, 2019

The Dallas Cowboys were once known as America’s team but their 1990s success has settled into consistently average performances. TV ratings get a bump whenever the Cowboys or Packers are featured, and both teams have great support on road games.

So what happened this season when the two powerhouse franchises met? You already know that the Cowboys just lost again to the Green Bay Packers, the REAL America’s team.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ record is 7-2 versus the Dallas Cowboys, including multiple wins in Dallas. Add in another Aaron (Jones) and the Cowboys are helpless against the Double A Train.

Early season fears that Rodgers was not seeing eye-to-eye with first year Packers coach Matt LaFleur have been put to rest. Rodgers clearly has sufficient authority to change plays at the last second with his coach’s blessing.

All is right in Titletown again. As for the LGBTQ twitter mob, they’re going to have to become more open-minded. The comments thread on Ellen’s tweet shows that many Liberal elites are disingenuous in proclaiming their tolerance for others.

Liberals were upset that CBS showed Ellen laughing it up with President George W. Bush, two people with far different political views. The LGBTQ trolls hammered Ellen online for being seen with a man they claim stomped on their rights during his presidency.

What is missed in all of the uproar is that both DeGeneres and Bush were laughing at the giant head on the tall man seated in front of them, obstructing their view of the game.

Lighten up, Frances.

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