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An upward arc of generosity

That’s quite an all-time total for the Pleasure Ridge Park Fire Department.

This is the cue sheet given to the TV host for each fire department that appears on the WHAS Crusade for Children. With the highest number ever recorded by the PRP group, I stuck it in my pocket for a keepsake. The “percent change is out of frame but reads +1.23%

PRP’s all-time total of $7,301,168.14 encompassing 1959-2013 is completely staggering.

The first year that PRP crossed the $50,000 mark was 1977 (+23.7%). Additional $50k milestones: 1985 $109,506 (+16.1%); 1994 $151,296 (+1.6%); 1998 $227,926 (+18.6%); 1999 $265,020 (+16.3); and 2001 $304,667 (7.1%).

Thanks to every fire department of every size for working so hard to raise money for the special needs children of Kentucky and Indiana.

Every firefighter is a hero and a guardian angel to the most precious people in our communities, our children.


60th annual WHAS Crusade for Children tops goal

For immediate release: June 4, 2013
(Louisville, KY) At the close of the 60th annual WHAS Crusade for Children Sunday, June 2 around 7:00pm EDT the goal of $6 million set by the Crusade staff a few months ago was realized. Live on WHAS11, 84WHAS and, the tote board rolled up one more time to reveal the total of $6,001,342.00.

It was the 6th time in the Crusade’s history that the closing tote board topped $6 million. There are so many great stories of hard work, laughter and joy. As in past years, Pleasure Ridge Park Fire District and the Archdiocese of Louisville led the way as the largest gift giving groups. Here’s a breakdown of the top five in each category:

Top five Kentucky fire departments
Pleasure Ridge Park Fire Protection District $318,002.40
McMahan Fire Protection District $191,456.87
Fern Creek Fire Department $161,696.25
Highview Fire District $107,143.13
Zoneton Fire Protection District $85,786.91

Top five Indiana fire departments
Lafayette Township Fire Department $85,873.21
Charlestown Volunteer Fire Department $43,632.90
Greenville Fire Department $34,543
Ramsey VFD & EMS $28,360.10
Georgetown Township Fire District $27,400.42

Top five organizations
Archdiocese of Louisville $260,000
Louisville Triple Crown of Running $190,126.00
LG&E/Kentucky Utilities $187,548.00
Norton Healthcare $136,620.35
Jefferson County Public Schools Students and Staff $136,575.95

Nearly 200 fire departments and organizations from Kentucky and Indiana reported how much money they raised for Kentuckiana’s children with special needs. Each year firefighters collect nearly 60 percent of all Crusade donations by staging road blocks and other events. A complete list of all groups that presented donations during Crusade weekend is available at

$150 million in 60 years
In 2003 for its 50th anniversary, the Crusade hit the $100 million mark in total donations since its inception in 1954. In the past ten years, the Crusade has raised $50 million more. Since 1954, the Crusade has raised more than $150 for children with special needs. That mark happened in the 10:00am hour on Sunday, June 2. It was so noted by a ceremony that included a cake crafted with love by Chef Edna Federle of Louisville.

Three are honored who have been a part of all 60 Crusades
There are three men who have participated in every one of the 60 Crusades. Milton Metz, Bob Pilkington and Ted Throckmorton have been a part of this rich tradition in front of the camera and behind the scenes for 60 years.

The Buddy Award honors longtime volunteers
Buddy and Judy Head have organized the Crusade’s remote broadcast from Ballardsville, Kentucky for more than 20 years. Buddy passed away in the summer of 2012. In his memory, the annual Buddy Award was presented to Judy and the Head family. The Buddy Award is named after longtime Crusade Executive Director Bud Harbsmeier.

Peabo Bryson headlines America’s most successful local telethon
Just as he did in 2004 and 2006, Grammy Award winner Peabo Bryson brought down the house at the Kentucky Center’s Bomhard Theater Saturday night June 1 with hit songs, “If Ever You’re In My Arms Again,” “A Whole New World,” and “Beauty And The Beast.”

Melissa Swan and Terry Meiners host
Melissa Swan of WHAS11 News and 84WHAS Radio’s Terry Meiners hosted the 30-plus hour Crusade. They were joined by favorites Patrick Hughes with the Olivia Henken Band; The Miracle Dancers; The Diane Moore Dancers; pianist Tim French; country singer JD Shelburne; The Guernsey Brothers; Todd Hildreth and the Crusade Quintet; vocalist Melissa Combs; magician David Garrard; Sam Majesty Starr; Singer Gaylia Rooks; Kentucky State Fair winner Collin Jackson and thousands of volunteers.

Flagships WHAS11 and 84WHAS lead the way
As they have for every Crusade, WHAS-TV and WHAS radio brought the Crusade to viewers and listeners across Kentucky and Indiana. streamed the entire Crusade broadcast.

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