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Houston flood relief proves America has always been great

That’s Brandi Smith going solo on Houston’s CBS affiliate as other employees had to evacuate the studios because of massive flooding in Houston. Brandi is all alone with no direction from the newsroom, just doing what she can to inform the public and, oh, save a man’s life simultaneously.

No one needs to Make America Great Again! It has always been and always will be great!

Houston flood relief 2017

Challenges? Of course. The Southern Poverty Law Center counts 917 hate groups across America. Let’s put that in perspective.

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On September 13, it’s Character Day, a global exercise in strengthening human integrity, compassion, empathy, and collegiality. Over 80,000 are participating.

The Houston flood relief support once again shows the power of American benevolence and generosity in unprecedented fashion. From $10 gifts to Red Cross by texting HARVEY to 9-0-9-9-9 to billionaires donating massive sums, we are one family.

Houston flood relief 2017

This is the America that 99% of us know: heroic responders and generous people

Houston SWAT officer carries mother and child to safety during the Houston flood
Houston pastor checks submerged cars to make sure no one is inside
jet ski hero rescues grandma from her flooded living room (photo: reddit)
Houston sheriff’s deputy carries children to safety
people gather supplies to deliver to Texas flood victims

That’s the America most of us know. The idiots below don’t represent anything associated with the USA. They’re tiny cells of antagonists trying to create a divide that rational people won’t allow to fester. #CharacterDay #LetItRipple

white supremacists and antifa battle in America

And what happened with the truck driver that Brandi Smith tried to save on live TV in Houston? Let’s end this post on a high note. Watch the video below. This is why America is, was, and will always be great.

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