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DJ WOKE WOKE plays forbidden fruit

With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s #GreenNewDeal to rid America of airplanes, cow farts, and every non-green building in the country within 10 years, this Jefferson Starship song from the 70s MUST BE ERASED!

We didn’t build this city on rock and roll, you carbon crushing pigs. We built it on land stolen from Native Americans and with wealth stolen from rank-and-file union workers! KNOCK THESE CITIES DOWN and build all new carbon neutral buildings, unless of course, people are unwilling to work. They need financial parity with everyone else. Pay the unwilling! Pay the unwilling! Pay the unwilling!

Coal? AOC says it’s DOA. What say you, Gov. Matt Bevin?

AOC says cowards are people who cannot accept her GREEN NEW DEAL. She is the genius voice of the future and her rapper name is CRAZY EYES.

The next unacceptable tune DR. WOKE WOKE says must be purged is by the greatest guitar wizard of the rock & roll generation.

In the 60s anthem Hey Joe, legendary Jimi Hendrix wrote and sang “I’m going down to shoot my old lady. I caught her messing around with another man.”

Guns. Murder. Misogyny. And what’s wrong with a woman expressing herself sexually with another man or another woman? A man does not own or control any woman. Shame, shame, Jimi.


Don’t even ask about the problems with Elton John’s 70s hit Island Girl. Sexist. Racist. Imperialism over marginalized island peoples. Go wash out your ears and never mention this disgusting song again.

DJ WOKE WOKE will be back after this two minute message of love and understanding from soda peddlers who also built their empire on the backs of marginalized workers.

The final entry in today’s DR WOKE WOKE countdown is the cultural appropriation of reggae music by some European interlopers. The implication that locals would try to relieve a guest of his jewelry and wallet is LUDICROUS! This would never happen in the real world! Stop your lying, you evil white men!

Go ahead and say it again, AOC.


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