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Every day is a winding road

Sheryl Crow and Terry Meiners, June 12, 2013

Sheryl Crow was in our building as a guest of Coyote Calhoun, playing a 4 song set for our employees. She’s gorgeous, fit, and smells great. TRIPLE CROWN! Here is her new single “Easy”

SONG SET AT CLEAR CHANNEL: Easy, Strong Enough to Be My Man, Waterproof Mascara, and If It Makes You Happy

Sheryl’s singing voice is still terrific. She told a bunch of stories about her life, kids, songwriting with Brad Paisley, and her health scares. It was a terrific show for about 20 employees who happened to be in the office. She took pictures with everyone and rolled out the door with her band mates. Nice lunchtime diversion.

BTW: My wife and Sheryl Crow talked about the need for men to check with their women for approval prior to posting photos on social media. The photo below is hereby approved by both females.

Terry Meiners, Sheryl Crow, Mary George Meiners, June 12, 2013
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