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Jeremy Kappell misspoke and lost his job. This meteorologist refuses to fade into the sunset.

Jeremy Kappell, former meteorologist for WHAS11 and WDRB, is now embroiled in a lawsuit with Rochester’s WHEC-TV for unjust termination. Kappell appeared on the Terry Meiners show on WHAS Radio on April 17, 2019

📻 Here’s meteorologist Jeremy Kappell on his lawsuit vs Rochester’s WHEC, the cruel actions of Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren & gutless TV general manager Dick Reingold, support from Al Roker, Don Lemon, Craig Melvin, and Rochester viewers, other weather people mispronouncing MLK without a beatdown, and how public shaming strengthened Jeremy’s family & faith 🎙️ #bullies #media DETAILS on the Kappell website.

Jeremy and his wife Lisa appear on Facebook live nightly at 9:45 to give the forecast
Jeremy & Lisa Kappell at the EMMY award ceremony
CNN’s Don Lemon said of Kappell’s spoonerism: “We all make mistakes.”
TODAY Show stars Al Roker and Craig Melvin, both African Americans, said that all broadcasters mangle words on the air and the Kappell case was overblown.
Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren demanded Jeremy Kappell’s firing without ever speaking to him or communicating with him in any capacity. Mayor Warren understands forgiveness as she is married to a man who drove the getaway car in a jewelry store robbery 20 years ago. She also defended a Rochester council member accused of embezzling tens of thousands of dollars, imploring the public to avoid judging the councilman without knowing all of the facts.

WHEC-TV general manager Richard “Dick” Reingold

WHEC-TV station manager Dick Reingold, a gutless weasel who doesn’t stand up for employees who speak live on air without a script. A manager of live broadcasters has a primary job to defend his on air talent. Dick is likely fearful of losing political advertising dollars or chopped Kappell because he was the highest paid weather department employee. WHEC-TV advertising and ratings are reportedly down since the Kappell firing.

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