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It appears that the Kim Davis saga of refusing government service to select citizens is not yet over. Her deputy clerk is issuing marriage licenses in Rowan County while Davis’ attorney says his client “will not violate her conscience” when she returns to work soon.

Oh, and her lawyer is learning that he can’t steal other people’s music for his rallies.

cashier religious objection

A comment in the New York Times:
If your religious faith is paramount then do not swear oaths to secular authorities. — (anon Corrales, NM)

Politician Mike Huckabee swooped into Kentucky to curry favor with Christians, holding Kim Davis’ hand as she emerged from jail as another presidential hopeful Ted Cruz was pushed aside by Huckabee’s handlers.

Huckabee said he would gladly go to jail in Kim Davis’ stead, and that now Christians should fear that the government will begin jailing preachers and the headmasters of Christian schools.

MSNBC’s Morning Joe hosts took Huckabee to task the next day. (video above)

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