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MO FAUX TO GO — Jussie inspires another fake hate crime

An African American sixth grade girl created a media firestorm by claiming that three white classmates, all boys, bullied her and cut off her dreadlocks. Amari Allen’s story was shouted from every media mountaintop as America was roiled in another racist horror story.

Except that it never happened. After a few days of media hysteria and thorough investigation, the girl admitted that she made up the entire story.

Instagram “self love ambassador” Derrick Jackson joked that the girl’s dramatic lies were inspired by Jussie Smollett. He’s the obscure actor who made up a ludicrous story about Trump supporters beating him at 2 AM in Chicago.

Police investigated and discovered that Smollett arranged for a fake attack to generate publicity to raise his profile. For extra effect, he sent a threatening letter to himself to make it appear that Trump fans were out to get him.

A lenient Chicago prosecutor gave Smollett a few hours of community service.

After Instagrammer Jackson mocked Smollett, the actor wrote back that he has told the truth the entire time, still pretending as if the attack really happened. Alrighty, then!

The family of the copycat hoaxer girl say they are ready to accept the consequences of her lies.


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