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The Greatest evolved with all of us

sadlo family archives video

EXCLUSIVE: Home video of Cassius Clay and his family from the early 60s shows soon-to-be Muhammad Ali at the new Clay home in Louisville’s Newburg neighborhood, the champ thwarting his mother’s attempt to put a crown on his head, playful banter in Miami and Lewiston, Maine prior to both of the Sonny Liston fights.

The videos were provided by the family of Muhammad Ali’s first attorney, the late Henry Sadlo Sr.

The image below shows a rare dual autograph as both Muhammad Ali and Cassius Clay, signed to Mr. Sadlo in 1994. The inscription reads “We both fooled Cosell.”

"Mr. Sadlo, We both fooled Cosell" - Muhammad Ali & Cassius Clay (1994)
“Mr. Sadlo, We both fooled Cosell” – Muhammad Ali & Cassius Clay (1994)

BONUS VIDEO: Ali in 1968, advocating segregation, awaiting prison, $280,000 in debt, severing ties with his Louisville syndicate, shocked by a 90% tax rate, asking to be treated “as well as a white man’s dog,” and still “hold(ing) my head up high.”

A half century later, Muhammad Ali kept collecting humanitarian awards for his leadership in loving, accepting, and understanding people from all walks of life.

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