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Vicious, vulgar values know no era. It’s time to end Fancy Farm’s annual hate parade.

Read the comment thread following this reporter’s tweet announcing that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell fell and broke his shoulder. Here’s a sample from over 600 comments.

So sweet. Perhaps an angry Highlands progressive could pretend to be a home nurse and throw his food tray on the floor. That wouldn’t be the first time.

A group of protesters led by Black Lives Matter activist Chanelle Helm posted this Facebook live video outside Mitch McConnell’s home that included invectives like “fuck you, fuck your wife, fuck everything you stand for.” Helm gave McConnell’s address and encouraged others to shout at him while he recuperates at home.

Chanelle Helm

As her group of progressives shouted various vulgar chants disrupting everyone in the neighborhood, Helm continued her narration: “You better call whoever the fuck you need to call” and “somebody needs to stab the mother fucker in the heart.”

Vicious, vile, vulgar, violent values from those who proclaim NO HATE IN OUR CITY.

Helm first came to prominence with a 2018 LEO Weekly column explaining how white people could become allies of Black Lives Matter by giving up their homes to black or brown people, distributing their estates to black or brown people, and encouraging the firing of co-workers who refuse to be WOKE.

None of the protesters shouting between 9:30 PM and midnight in front of McConnell’s home thought to use the word play proclaiming that the senate majority leader was now literally WOKE.

Liberals are quick to assign America’s incivility to to caustic tweets and comments from President Donald Trump. They’ve conveniently forgotten the daily abuse they heaped upon George W. Bush and his daughters during the internet’s explosive growth between 2000 and 2008.

This one is from the Trump era, validating the internet-never-forgets theorem.

America is suffering today from two mass shootings that killed 29 people and injured nearly 50 more. Vigils calling for America to “come together” are popping up in abundance.

Then McConnell falls hard enough to break his bones and vicious Liberals – the tolerant people – can’t stop celebrating.

Keyboard snipers attack with reckless abandon. Racists attacked Barack Obama and Black Lives Matter pursuits. Misogynists attacked Hillary Clinton. Homophobes attack gays and lesbians. LGBTQ advocates attack anyone who questions their hyper-sensitive agenda. Agnostics and atheists cannot tolerate anyone with a fish emblem on their bumper. Xenophobes despise anyone who doesn’t look like them.

Seattle Times from Barack Obama’s first year as president (2009)

In the wake of weekly mass murders, Second Amendment advocates cannot be persuaded to remove weapons of war from American society.

White nationalists, white supremacists, and unhinged conspiracy theory believers are the overwhelming majority of mass killers. But the NRA advocates can’t see their way to separating weapons of war from the rest of privately held protection weapons like shotguns and pistols. Hardheaded gun owners cannot fathom a slight adjustment to 2A just as pro-choice advocates cannot fathom a slight adjustment to Roe v Wade.

This is where the dam breaks. After all of these deaths at the hand white nationalists, disgruntled workers, and improperly medicated mental health casualties, the weapons of war must go. Period. Any weapon that can be modified to shoot 100 rounds in seconds is essentially a weapon of war.

But vulgar virtue signaling won’t get the job done. Calmly persistent, passionate imagery of those who were killed should flood the inboxes of all elected officials. They also should be exposed to graphic photos of shooting scenes to fully grasp the carnage. Images so raw that it keeps the politicians awake at night.

That will lead to a ban on weapons of war. Meanwhile, people just curse and accuse each other of not having pure hearts. Or worse, suggesting that someone stab them in their “mother fucking” heart.

The Squad: Reps. Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ayanna Pressley

How many of these elected officials have used sewer language when addressing constituents? Answer: all of them.

Class doesn’t come in a moving van.

Political commentary is a welcome and necessary component of our republic. But all vulgar political commentary is distributed by partisan dirtbags who feel no empathy for their philosophical opposites.

It’s sad and pathetic, but for people who revel in harsh politics, vindictiveness is a comfortable blanket.

Vicious, vile, vindictive, vulgar values can be ignored. That other V word – violence – is the emotional surge that must be neutralized by WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY. Let’s figure it out, America.

As for the current online hysteria, blaming Trump for rudeness shows a complete lack of historical knowledge. The earliest American political barbs in the 19th century were 10 times more raw than today’s softballs. And Kentucky’s annual rude, obnoxious scream fest at Fancy Farm dates back to 1881.

Trump is a two pump chump compared to some of the mudslingers in the William Randolph Hearst era. But that doesn’t stop today’s news outlets from trying to achieve the same level of empty hype.

Sometimes the hype isn’t real. It’s just hype to fill a day’s news quotient.

Yellow Journalism contributed to the outbreak of the Spanish-American War

On Saturday everyone is screaming hatred for each other at Fancy Farm. The next day after two mass shootings, “we all need to light candles and understand each other.”

Ending the trash dirtbag Fancy Farm verbal abuse fest would be a good start at compassionate understanding of each other.

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