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Smother Brother: they can’t be serious about triple masking

The public has been on an information roller coaster since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. First…just the old people are in danger. Then it was that people with symptoms should wear a mask. Then we needed a national mask wearing mandate.

Now it’s two masks to prevent exposure to coronavirus. And maybe a third booster shot will become necessary.

There is even talk about the effectiveness of THREE masks! THREE! Isn’t that like wearing Saran wrap over your mouth and nose and trying to access oxygen?

Here’s Dr. Fauci on 60 Minutes in March 2020 downplaying the need for people to wear masks during the pandemic unless they are really sick. Of course, as the year unfolded, Fauci and other infectious disease specialists understood the need for universal use of masks by all.

By August, Dr. Fauci had completely retooled his thinking on the public’s need for COVID precautions like masks and cleanliness. The vaccines were still a few months away.

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