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“I’ll hang up and listen to your answer!” 🎧🎙 Happy #NationalRadioDay

1990 photo by Pam Spalding, The Courier-Journal

It was fun seeing all of my deejay buddies post their photos and career trajectories for #NationalRadioDay last week.

Here are a few that I snatched from their social media pages.

Minday Peterson, Eric Cooper, Kim Frankenthal, Scott Jennings, Shelley Catharine, Brian Rublein, Paul Miles, Ralph Dix, Sandra McQuary, Mary Jeffries
Gus Allen, Herb Hurst, Jon Michael Clark, Terry Meiners, Will Clark, Tiffany Savona, Matthew “12” Brown, Amy Nic, Tony Cruise
Terry Meiners, Kyle Shepherd, Milton Metz, Wayne Perkey
Ted Werbin, Nathan Butler, Tom Latek, Paul Miles, Jim Williams, Mindy Peterson, Will Clark, Suzanne Duvall, Kristen Thoburn Butler
Tony Vanetti, Hayley Hansen-Kilkelly, Terry Meiners, Ashley Wilson
Joe Donovan, Doug McElvein, Van Vance, Wayne Perkey, Jack Fox, Milton Metz, Terry Meiners
former WHAS Radio staffers met for lunch in August 2021
Steve Isert as a baby deejay and later as a cranky old man

And then there’s the program director’s memo that kept 19-year-old me on the part-time payroll. NOTE: he used bad math. I was being paid $40 per MONTH, or $480 per year to do some radio promotion work on the University of Kentucky campus.

Had they cut me, I would more than likely have found a different career path. 😢

My career: WKQQ (1976-1980), WLRS (1980-1983), WQMF (1983-1985), WHAS (1985-present)

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