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Erin on the side of caution

Kevin Harned and Erin Andrews, April 2012

My boy Kevin Harned was the only media member to cozy up to Fox Sports announcer Erin Andrews when she spoke at the 2012 Kentucky Derby Festival “They’re Off!” luncheon. Erin’s employer at the time, ESPN, sent advance notice via KDF that she would not be available for media interviews and that her comments could not be recorded by any media.

I Tweeted about the oddity of a media person who was unavailable to the media and Erin responded, saying my description was untrue because she was perfectly willing to meet the media. I Tweeted back that we weren’t psychics and could only go by the official information released by KDF, adding, “You know that, you’re a reporter.”

Erin Andrews then blocked me from her Twitter account.


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