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Snowflakes BEWARE: Rickles’ rude, insensitive, racist remarks are posted here! Run to your SAFE SPACE!

Humorlessness took a giant step forward this week.

Acerbic comedian and actor Don Rickles passed at age 90. Today’s sanctimonious, better-than-you snowflakes are dancing a jig on his grave. Well…only the descendants of those for whom jig dancing is a native tradition. Otherwise that would be racially-tinged cultural appropriation.

Today’s sensitive snowflakes are quick to point out on social media that anyone who makes jokes is a bully. Any voiced or written subject that does not pertain to one’s own personal lineage, gender, transitioning gender, age, race, or family of origin is unacceptable. As soon as any other human person finds it offensive then the creator must publicly apologize. (see: Michael Keaton incorrectly references “Hidden Fences”).

The social justice warriors will be allowed a period of #hashtag reprisal until that apology is deemed acceptable.

Please continue, Rickles, you #racist #bully #whiteprivilege #culturalappropriation #gentrification #bodyshaming #comedian

Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and other top comedians avoid performing on college campuses because today’s collegiate crybabies can’t tolerate barbs that violate their sensitivity spectrums. They’re addicted to being offended.


Here’s Jimmy Kimmel’s tribute to Don Rickles


There is little hope for snowflakes. Today’s non-comedic celebrities find themselves apologizing over the tiniest slights. After playing poorly at The Masters, golfer Bubba Watson dared to bark at a sports writer but quickly apologized. Putter, please!

One comedian embraced by the snowflake culture is Louis C.K., who routinely mocks white men, screaming the snowflake mantra of societal inequity and unfairness with the added assumption of the purity of all Liberals. But for some crazy reason, just like Kimmel, Louis was able to suspend his all-consuming rage for old white men to honor Rickles on Saturday Night Live.

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