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America under fire

Police officer deaths by gunfire in 2016 are up 63% from this same time last year.

A sniper named Micah Xavier Johnson, who professed to wanting to kill white people (especially cops), murdered five police officers, shooting a total of 12 cops and 2 civilians during a Dallas rally protesting police violence. Johnson’s online presence illustrated his rage toward white people.

Apparently, no one noticed.

The protest was a response to a pair of graphic police shootings in Minnesota and Louisiana earlier in the week. After the Dallas police officers were assassinated, some people took joy in the actions of the shooter.

micah johnson

A New York Times guest editorial posted hours before the Dallas shootings railed about police shootings of black men dovetailed with indifference from white people. After the massacre of police officers, the Times “refreshed” the piece by making a few references to police deaths but essentially stayed on point about African American fear of execution by cops.

Does anyone notice that police forces are multi-cultural, often led by African American command staff that answers to a mayor who is a person of color? Why are police officers characterized as whites only?

Because it sells music and movie tickets, furthers political careers, and forces money to be moved to allegedly sympathetic causes.

Jay Z knows how to play it. As soon as two black men were shot by police in separate incidents, Jay Z rolled out his new song Spiritual, selling the narrative that cops intentionally kill black men.

Jay Z monetizes murder and then flies around on his private jet, laughing at the fools who pay for his mumbled tripe.

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