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DJ WOKE WOKE – the political analysis chapter, if it feels OK for you

In a bid to heighten his notoriety, obscure actor Jussie Smollett hired the Osundairo brothers to stage an attack on him by supposed Trump fans. Chicago police quickly realized it was a hoax in January 2019.

2019 saw an inordinate share of hoaxes advanced by WOKE media. Is there any better way for struggling mainstream media to restore its withering street cred? “We’re down with the struggle, y’all!”

Not long ago, journalists would get backup verification before blurting out “facts” to media consumers. Now any viral video becomes an instant “story” quickly tweeted as “breaking news.” The only thing that’s really BREAKING is credibility.

Dr Wilfred Reilly

Dr. Wilfred Reilly, an African American professor at Kentucky State University, an HBCU, has written a book called HATE CRIME HOAX: HOW THE LEFT IS SELLING A FAKE RACE WAR. Dr. Reilly estimates that 15% of media mushrooming of “hate crimes” is mostly lies and/or exaggeration.

Additional manufactured information to stir up division in America is planted online by foreign governments that thrive as Americans stay at each other’s throats. Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping are laughing themselves silly at Americans trying to OUTWOKE each other. As we shutdown personal relationships over which sensitive gender pronoun to use, hostile governments are spending their time trying to commandeer America’s elections, and seize control of financial systems, electric grids, and water distribution.

And we’re too spineless to judge them for it because it’s racist aggression to imply that the Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, Iranians, or others have nefarious intentions.

People are just people! Love is love! Don’t you know that?

Some provocative – but weak – commentary in this morning’s Old Grey Lady. The author makes great points about the marginalization of Democrat presidential candidates who try to OUT WOKE each other, the tiresome public posturing of personal purity.

The opinion writer sees WOKE validity albeit not as the lead horse for Democrat candidates.

My feeling is that WOKE is little more than LOOK AT ME…I’M PURE HEARTED. Even if the core intention is good, the act of damning others who don’t fully embrace the WOKE person’s cause celebre is a lack of understanding true diversity.

The inference is “I am a better person than you” but who is to say what is better? Diversity acceptance allows for others to see life through their own complex web of experiences.

WOKE seems more like bias against those who refuse to be thought-cloned. WOKE is an insecure, insincere desperation — a cry for attention. Sanctimonious finger wagging is never a turn on.

The internet WOKE MOB does have some validity. The world does contain racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia, none of which can be eradicated by en masse vulgar, threatening confrontation.

If the outcome of Internet WOKE MOB attacks leads to Cancel Culture, the complete destruction of someone’s life and business interests because through social media bullying, no hearts are changed.

The past decade’s Great Awokening spawned #BlackLivesMatter and a hundred more tribal hashtags hoping to uplift a self-proclaimed victim group. Tribal identity politics divides society into smaller cells all competing for center stage. Too many competing voices makes for an unreadable cacophony of sound. Lots of noise with no singular focus.

The Fund For the Arts raises money and awareness for ALL arts organizations that could not generate the same return by going it alone. Societal improvement needs to be packaged under a unified message in order to make significant progress.

Zealotry is another impediment to progress. #MeToo is a necessary cleansing that then went too far. Some people were pilloried for visual assault — simply looking at someone who then interprets it as lecherous behavior.

Overcorrection disconnection. Sanity and due process are also important components of human interaction.

The WOKE reference is now mostly a joke. The expression is a derivative from a Buddhist term for “awakeness” which, per usual, was morphed into twisted English syntax. Its original good intention has become a clownish expression for any person (he/she/they/x 🤣) pushing identity politics.

Their fervor is everyone else’s irritation. These are just a few of the commenters on the NY Times opinion piece on WOKENESS.

The queen of the WOKE brigade is New York congresswoman (she/her/they/x 🤣) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She so WOKE. Liberals scream “Trump bullies people on social media” but when AOC claps back at someone, she just WOKE!

That AOC brand of condescending snark is problematic, too. Smartassedness, the momentary buzz of enjoying one’s own wit, does nothing to further communication. Snark says, “I am smarter than you so your thoughts are not even considered.” That strategy is dead on arrival in the Big Tent of inclusivity.

Charm > Snark

Finally, here are DJ WOKE WOKE’s hot hits that can never be played again because…THEY AIN’T WOKE, YO!

Who would ever want to here a gender based lie like “The purpose of a man is to love a woman, and the purpose of a woman is to love a man.” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Why believe in the scientific proof of X and Y chromosomes determining gender when WOKE people scream that there are HUNDREDS of genders?

She blinded him with science! Don’t make me illustrate that X and Y chromosomes research again! Saluting her scientific skills is strong feminism but then the singer tells her that she is beautiful. This negates all prior observation of her braininess. Stick to science, you objectifying misogynists!

Dude looks like a lady! What’s so wrong with that, Mr. Tyler the predator! Do you hate this song? #MeToo

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