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MashUp Magic: Marvin Gaye & Ratt + Dan Jock Itch vs me

Weird day. First the good news. I found the greatest musical mashup ever.

The day’s major oddity landed when ESPN basketball analyst Dan Dakich responded to my tweet where I referred to him as a gasbag. Dakich frequently trolls University of Louisville basketball fans, repeatedly gloating over the school’s NCAA troubles.

Dakich claimed that I was making fun of his dead father, a person I do not know or have any information about his life status. I’ve since been informed that Dakich refers to his dead father as a means of shaming anyone who challenges him. Very odd.

Please enjoy the comment threads on both of my tweets.

Last month, Dakich claimed to have “someone in the room” with the NCAA appeals committee who informed him that Louisville would lose its 2013 championship banner (true) and that the school would be fined $15 million (false). Louisville officials say their fine is approximately $600,000.

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