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Gen. John Castleman vs. WOKE warriors – CJ drops knowledge on the progressive nature of a complicated man

Louisville’s John B. Castleman statue defaced by unknown WOKE activists (2018)

We can all agree that slavery is America’s original sin and its legacy burdens all people to this very day. Our job as human beings is to advance understanding and tolerance for all, listening before talking, and studying history for proper perspective on evolution from the horrible mistreatment of African Americans.

But it’s no longer 1865 or 1919 or 1965 or even 2018. The improvement of the human condition is an ever-moving upgrade. In spite of persistent complaints by some about life in America, most people appreciate the opportunities that freedom, expanding understanding, and capitalism offer.

The Courier-Journal’s most seasoned investigative reporter dug into 100-year-old newspaper files to present a more complete picture of Gen. John B. Castleman. The Civil War general famously fought for the Confederacy and then joined the Union Army.

The WOKE generation pilloried Castleman’s legacy, demanding that his statue be removed from Cherokee Triangle. Vandals threw paint on the statue. The city paid thousands to have it restored. More vandals returned to continue defacing it.

The city’s public monuments committee ultimately voted to have the statue moved to Cave Hill cemetery but a lawsuit by historians has idled the relocation order.

Mayor Greg Fischer, on the advice of an ill-informed city employee, backed the WOKE crowd without full historical knowledge of Castleman’s life work.

The mayor got played.

It turns out that Castleman was a progressive in matters related to race and equal access to public facilities in a time where black people had very few white allies.

Castleman was a product of his time, but he pushed back against the scourge of racism.

Here is Andrew Wolfson’s article, published at behind a paywall.

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