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Greedy drama queen makes herself the victim after encountering autistic person

The headline above is a much more accurate reflection of this “story” generating millions of views online.

As two people of color are awaiting the boarding process for a Southwest flight out of St. Louis, another woman of color, who is obviously on the autism spectrum, begins repeatedly telling them that they can be seated. The autistic person continues to say “there are seats over there, over there, over there.”

He repetition of the same phrases and over stimulated behavior make it obvious that she has mental disabilities.

The African American woman who is being told that “there are seats over there” begins filming the autistic woman and then verbally taunts her while also claiming “I fear for my life.” The filming woman eventually curses at the autistic person and says “I hope you die.”

The filming woman claims that the woman chanting the same phrases is using “white privilege” even though she is not white. She is disabled.

After airport security call local police, the autistic woman is escorted from the airport.

Compassion? None.

Awareness of obvious mental challenges? None.

But the caustic filming woman posts her video online to gather millions of views and thousands of responses, some taunting the disabled woman.

The filming woman also notes that she is now “famous” from the viral post and asks for donations on her YouTube account.

Welcome to 2019. The moment anyone plays victim of racial mistreatment should not be a free pass to abuse a mentally ill person.

Sanity leads with reason and caution. Come on, people. We are better than this.

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