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God said, Matt said

Governor-elect Bevin 11/6/15 press conference notes:

Tax returns? Bite me.
Must purge that silly constitutional ban on duels
Orders yet another east end bridge right through Yarmuth’s living room
Ban sinful state song – ‘tis summer, the people are gay
Believes pyramids were built in a right-to-work part of Egypt
Inaugural ball dance – east coast conga man
Free health care? Lick your wounds, Stumbo
Cockfights encouraged unless they involve two men
Meet my cousin, West Boro
Already ordered Confederate Flag draperies
9 kids, 9 cabinet positions
Mitch? Mitch? What do I do now?
Kim Davis newly engaged to the Jefferson Davis statue
united we stand, unless you’re a heathen
Hey Beshear, kynect your lips to my booty

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