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Happy 241st birthday, America – unshackle your attitude

a path at Barren River Lake state park in Kentucky

The United States of America is the most benevolent, compassionate, visionary, fearless republic in the history of human civilization. We are free. Don’t believe in the “woe-is-me” crutch. A fantastic life is available in America to those who are willing to work, sacrifice, and not quit over setbacks. Push harder. Get more education. Make wise life decisions about money, drugs, personal disfigurement, relationships, and do the soul-searching necessary to be self-reliant.

Our 340+ million inhabitants of the USA can protest the agendas of its leaders, worship freely, stand proudly agnostic, disagree with neighbors, isolate from communities altogether, accept welfare from others, help pay for community features they don’t necessarily use, keep and bear arms, vote for their like-minded candidates, and wake up in a land that offers them unlimited potential.

Some of our people think America is a cruel, heartless, imperialistic terrorist to the rest of the world. They’re often vulgar, finger-wagging, sanctimonious, judgmental know-it-alls constantly bellowing about some singular issue that MUST become everyone’s priority.

Yeah, take a seat, Joan of Bark. You’re like that lazy ass, jobless cousin who stays rent free in my home yet complains about my free food and the noise I make while leaving for my job. You’re living in Heaven but can’t stop bitching about the harp music. Recognize the gift of opportunity the USA provides.

America has its problems but is the envy of the world, a canvas where the driven can create their better tomorrow through trial and error. Whining never solves a problem. Fortitude does.

Of course, we have a certain number of people who cannot fend for themselves because of mental and/or physical challenges. It is incumbent upon us to be of service to feed, nurse, assist, and protect them from common obstacles they cannot overcome alone.

Pleasure Ridge Park fire department volunteer families at the WHAS Crusade for Children, June 4, 2017

Thank God for these angels among us who make us become better people.

For the vast majority of us, healthy and happy existence is granted by the grace of God (or your view of a higher power). To those whose minds are open to the potential of life itself, the gates are wide open.

A man at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting told the crowd, “I keep a sign on my mirror that I see the first thing every morning. It reads – YOU ARE LOOKING AT THE BIGGEST OBSTACLE YOU WILL FACE ALL DAY.”

Don’t embrace perceived limitations. They are crutches for those who need excuses to explain their self-loathing. Rise up. Work for your joyous dreams. America offers it all to those who find the strength to get up when knocked down by real or imagined barriers.

There are desperate alleys filled with people born with white privilege, wealth privilege, intelligence privilege, athletic privilege, and any number of other perceived privileges. In many of these cases, underutilized potential set these people on paths to darkness. Their minds are imprisoned with self-imposed limiters.

Not everyone is wired for college, or the arts, or entrepreneurship, or management. I’m 6’2″ and bald so my dreams of being a Kentucky Derby jockey or a dashing runway model are not realistic.

Common sense is an important component in finding your happy place in this world.

I’ve had jobs delivering papers, pulling weeds, cutting lumber, scrubbing pots & pans, and clerking at a convenience store. As I worked at those jobs, I knew in my heart I wanted to be a broadcaster. I had to do extra work, volunteer my time, shut up to listen & learn, and be patient to make my dream come true. All the while I never doubted my potential.


When some people undervalue a person, we often go to the default label “snowflake.” Take it as a compliment. Each of us is indeed a unique creation, open to higher levels of development once we open ourselves to positivity.

No one person can fully understand the challenges facing any other person without sharing their brain and emotional infrastructure. We are all individuals with unopened gifts of potential.

Before you say to yourself, “Yes but I can’t do such-and-such because _______ .” You haven’t done enough research. Someone with that perceived obstacle has already leapt past it because their mind was properly adjusted.

Every human can control only one thing in this life: his or her attitude. When you awaken, switch your attitude to YES I CAN. Ignore the negativity. When someone says you can’t, push harder until that dream crusher is proven wrong.

The joy is in the journey. Believe in you. Work harder than you did yesterday. Savor the joy of each day.

And never stop thanking the people who provided us this freedom to grasp at our own vision of nirvana.

Zachary Taylor National Cemetery, July 3, 2017

Lastly, enjoy this video of our national symbol, the imperial eagle, descend from the world’s tallest building in Dubai right down onto the arm of his trainer. (and read the comments thread…negative people can find darkness in the beauty of an eagle’s flight).

In foreign lands, on domestic soil, in our own backyards, America leads with courage, drive, intellect, and persistence to raise the overall standards for the human race. To honor your very life is to honor the people who provided your freedom.

Memorial stone for seven U.S. Army brothers who died together in WWII, buried at Zachary Taylor National Cemetery in Louisville

That’s how these patriots used their privilege…in furtherance of your right to mob up in hashtags, troll, bully, or shame others who might have different ideas than yours. If you’re so tolerant then learn how to tolerate differing opinions. Life is not a Star Trek episode where we all wear the same clothes.

Use your life energy honoring the sacrifices of generations that toiled before you. Less whining, more shining.

God Bless America. God Bless you and your potential. Unshackle yourself. Set your mind to the best version of you. The rest will follow.

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