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Henry’s in the Hall of Fame

Dr. Henry Sadlo has been my running mate since we met in 1963. There is not a kinder, more compassionate person on this earth. I’m delighted to see that he has been inducted into our elementary school’s hall of fame.

I went to UK and he went to UofL but that didn’t slow our love and respect for each other. While Henry was away doing his medical school residency in Atlanta, I hung around with his dad, a kindred spirit.

Henry Sadlo and Terry Meiners with walking crew, January 2019

Henry and I still talk once or twice a week, take heart healthy walks with groups of our buddies, and keep an eye out for each other’s successes. We’ve counseled each other through tumult and cheered the magical moments.


No relationship in life tops being a best friend. Each listens without judging and provides help without question. It’s a bond that strengthens through ages, stabilized by shared philosophy and mutual love of life.


Cheers, Hank. We both saw our dreams come true. I’m a well-known idiot and you’re a respected doctor, both outcomes we envisioned a half century ago.

Terry Meiners, Henry Sadlo (1970)

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