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Justin Thomas crushes glass on Jimmy Fallon

Justin Thomas and Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show, August 15, 2018

Last year’s PGA Championship and FedEx Cup winner Justin Thomas plays a pretty strong ad lib game, too. JT was slinging sharp quips with NBC Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon while playing a game of FaceBreakers. FedEx was pitching a gift to the St. Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis and used the game as a promo.

Fallon initially called Justin onstage to talk golf but it was mostly throwing bouquets at Tiger Woods. Yeah, whatevs.

Nonetheless, Justin showed some chops as a quick thinking interview subject, a rarity among pro golfers, especially the numbingly dry Woods. And would have guessed that Fallon is taller than Thomas?

Fallon’s favorite gag brother is Justin Timberlake. Can we soon see a JT vs JT dance off? Timberlake is a golf fan so it seems like a natural fit.

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