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One year after the Trump victory, is media smugness still a thing?

Of course it is. 97% of the media coronated Hillary Clinton months before the 2016 election. I thought Trump had no shot. He stunned lots of media people but he didn’t shock a majority of voters. Many of them still taunt me for predicting an easy Hillary win.

That’s cool. I don’t play sides. I interview everyone in the arena and let my viewers and listeners decide for themselves what works for them.

Today, media reports are rightfully crushing serial sexual harasser Roy Moore, senate candidate in Alabama. His lecherous behavior with teenagers disqualifies him from serving in public office. But juxtapose today’s fierce media smackdown with this 1999 radio interview with Dan Rather where he is dismissive of Juanita Broderick’s claims that Democrat (HOORAY!) Bill Clinton raped her many years earlier.

If one of today’s leading news voices begged to dismiss claims by Roy Moore’s accusers as being “old news,” that news person’s career would be in ruins in a matter of hours.


The best post election commentary came from two pieces I saved from November 2016. This commentary by CBS News pundit Will Rahn on media smugness is 100% spot on. FULL COLUMN HERE



Stop throwing scorn at people who don’t agree with you and listen. Just listen. Their American experiences are just as real as those of any idiot with a column, broadcast, or other high traffic platform.

Mockery of opposing voices only widens the chasm.

You can put on a pussy hat, throw a bench through a drugstore window, and keep being the intolerant, closed-minded, abrasive, emotionally underdeveloped smug Liberal loudmouth that rational people avoid at all costs. But that changes zero minds and leaves a mess for someone else to clean.

If you follow media people on Twitter, key in on those writers and reporters who work for supposedly “objective” newspapers and major broadcast outlets. Their Twitter feeds tell you all you need to know about their biases.

95% Liberals, if not 98%. Abundant proof is available in broadcaster, blogger, and newspaper online archives. For example, check the front pages of major newspapers over the first year in office for Donald Trump, Barack Obama, and George W. Bush. What is the general nature, headline emphasis, tone, and placement of any political story affecting each of these presidents during their opening year?

You already know the answer. Repubs are evil men with nefarious intentions. Conversely, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, JFK, et al are heroes doing great things.

It’s in the newspaper…IT MUST BE TRUE!

This is a parody New York Times front page, but the sarcasm is cut from years of slanted news posing as objectivity. Check the archives.


“You have a baby…in a bar!” Reese Witherspoon in the film Sweet Home Alabama

The other brilliant post election piece is based on angry Liberal customers in an upscale grocery following the election when the song “Sweet Home Alabama” comes on the sound system. Some intolerant Liberals couldn’t even listen to it, demanding that Lynyrd Skynyrd’s anthem be turned off.


That’s the same conundrum facing every intolerant Liberal staring at three more years of Trump, at minimum. No matter how many hateful SNL parodies, Twitter rants, profane Facebook posts, and smug condescension from dominant Liberal voices, they can’t turn off the quiet, often prayerful vision of real America.

Women’s march, Washington DC, January 23, 2017

That pussy suit doesn’t welcome opposition entry.

Unless Liberals learn to listen and acknowledge that they can’t shout down or hashtag bully opposition voices into submission, they’ll endure another massive beatdown in 2020.

They can open SNL with another funeral dirge like Kate McKinnon did last year or they can crack a dictionary and embrace the true meaning of the word diversity.

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