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Parts Over Smarts – what a great band name

This Brett Kavanaugh vs. “college professor WE MUST BELIEVE” tussle is the latest American flamethrower.

Should our high school horndog moments haunt us 35 years later?

YES! If they involve sexual abuse, lack of consent, or radiating pain for a victim.
NO! If it’s a thinly-veiled political stunt to ruin someone’s life.

Liberals demand that WE BELIEVE WOMEN unless they are conservative women accusing, say, Bill Clinton. Do any of these people who automatically believe Kavanaugh’s accuser put the same blind faith into rape and sexual abuse claims by Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broderick, or other accusers of Clinton?

But that’s old news. How about this week’s double standard of Liberal inability to recognize Liberal sexual and/or violent abusers?

A few days ago, the attorney for professor Christine Blasey Ford made a clear legal decision that her client was ready to testify before the Kavanaugh SCOTUS rush chairman and his stooges.

That same attorney was seen on an ABC News clip last year declaring that she would “resist” the Trump administration. Hmmm…she seems like an impartial woman with no ax to grind.

Katz is now demanding a full FBI investigation before she can testify. Sen. Diane Feinstein was not forthcoming about Blasey Ford’s accusation during her private senate meeting with Kavanaugh, leading to speculation that the entire saga is just a political stunt to delay the nomination process.

Katz hates Trump. Katz’s client wants to derail a Trump supreme court nominee.

Due process? What kind of chicanery are you suggesting, you, you, you…MAN!

There are some gaping holes in the fluctuating story of Christine Blasey Ford. What year? Where? Who was there?

But I am a man. I will refrain from commenting since men are supposed to STAY IN YOUR LANE on issues that involve women. Don’t mind the rest of us. Carry on with your partisan meltdown.

I’ll just stay over here playing backgammon with Merrick Garland.

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