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SJW suffer selective outrage syndrome

Virtue signaling social justice warriors have some blind spots. They deface the Castleman statue and demand its removal without grasping the full context of John Castleman‘s story.

But never mind the facts. Hide that horrible monument from the WOKE folks. Their pure hearts have never made mistakes or been in need of longterm enlightenment.

Have the WOKE warriors ever watched clips of Muhammad Ali when he promoted racial segregation? Ali fiercely preached against white and black people dating or daring to make babies.

“Every intelligent person wants his child to look like him. I want to blot out my race and lose my beautiful identity? Who want to spot up yourself and kill your race?”

No one is throwing paint all over the Muhammad Ali Center or on Muhammed Ali Boulevard signs because he used to believe that “Chinese people wanna be with Chinese. Pakistanis want to be with their own kind.”

Our self-appointed Social Justice Warrior city purifiers have missed a few other “evil racists” who are posthumously honored in Louisville. Why haven’t they stomped on the evil, racist, criminal Bingham family, or a newspaperman who wrote of his vile hatred of African Americans?

It’s selective outrage, that’s why. Most Louisvillians have likely traveled hundreds of times on the Watterson Expressway, named for The Courier-Journal’s first editor Henry Watterson. His nickname was Marse, which means “master.” Message!

Here are some facts about Good Ol’ Marse Watterson from a 2018 CJ 150th anniversary retrospective:

Considering Watterson’s horrible sins from 100 years ago that are overlooked by SJW, should we rename I-264 as Hypocrisy Highway?

It sounds as if Henry Watterson would have loved the late Senator Wendell Ford, who famously said the n-word on the WHAS Radio in 1995, a few years after the Binghams sold their media properties.

Sen. Wendell Ford, parttime radio shock jock

No one is defacing signs or buildings where Wendell Ford or Henry Watterson are celebrated. Nor is any social justice warrior demanding that the Bingham name be stricken from any place of prominence.



Mary and Barry Bingham Sr. via The Courier-Journal

Hmmm. Another heaping helping of SJW blind spotting? Let’s meet several generations of the heralded Bingham family of Louisville.


From the book “The Patriarch, the Rise of Fall of the Bingham Dynasty” comes this little gem about our progressive newspaper publisher and his wife. Barry Sr. and his wife Mary Bingham (both deceased) regularly used the affectionate term “our dear n*gs” when referencing the hired help at their massive Glenview estate.

In another Bingham book called “House of Dreams,” it is noted that Mrs. Bingham had the family swimming pool drained after an African American son of their gardener took a swim in it. The Bingham’s sons Barry Jr. and Worth invited the teenager to swim, and were later stunned at their mother’s racist reaction.

Horrors! The University of Louisville couldn’t yank Papa John’s name off of its football stadium fast enough after John Schnatter used the n-word in a training call, but U of L proudly houses a Bingham named therapy center connected to its medical school.

Schnatter was referencing raw language used by KFC founder Col. Harland Sanders when he reportedly said the n-word. Papa John’s life was completely dismantled as the pizza company forced him off the property, revoked his chairman status, and scrubbed all references to him from its marketing. Papa John was ghosted by the very company he started all by himself.

Total double standard virtue signaling from a weak-kneed, over reactionary U of L administration. Bingham bucks are fine, Schnatter’s are not. Uh, OK.

About 100 years ago, the money to buy The Courier-Journal (and later WHAS Radio and WHAS Television) was acquired by Judge Robert Worth Bingham, a man deeply in debt and aware that his college girlfriend had just inherited $100 million. Just weeks after burying his wife Eleanor Bingham, Robert “Bob” Bingham was wooing the widow of the founder of Standard Oil.

How convenient. Bingham and Mary Kenan Flagler were soon married. They agreed that Bob would not be included in her will, all proceeds slated to return to her Kenan family of origin. That is, until the new Mrs. Bingham suddenly became addicted to morphine. She needed it for chronic pain from the syphilis her loving hubby gave her.

Once Mr. Bingham convinced the ailing Mrs. Bingham to sign a codicil granting him $5 million dollars from her vast estate, she was thoughtful enough to die not long thereafter.

WHAS building

The raw truth is that The Courier-Journal, WHAS Radio, WHAS-TV, and Standard Gravure (rotogravure printing) were funded by syphilis. So are the many philanthropic projects directed by the Bingham family.

Filthy rich but burdened with poor decision making, Mary Kenan Flagler Bingham had little chance against a scheming playa saddled with crippling debt.

Mary Kenan Flagler Bingham

Robert Worth Bingham, syphilitic media magnate

Should we crush the memories of 19th century greedy horndogs, Nation of Islam segregationists, or anyone who pursued the wrong cause, or used vile racist language over 100 years ago? Or fifty years ago?

In spite of the seedy acquisition of Bingham wealth, it did boost Louisville’s arts, health, and outdoor offerings. Must they be scrubbed from history like the pizza nitwit uttering a racist word?

Hell, no. The journey from 1776 to 2020 was lined with enlightenment, compassion, and willingness to change. Human enlightenment accelerated through the 1960s and has expanded mightily in recent years.

People stumble or use unsavory words in public that are ironically plentiful (and accepted) in music and theater arts.

Tribalism threatens to send everyone back to their specifically segregated segments of communities, and that is regression.

When sanity returns and human frailty is recognized, SJWs will be on the wrong side of history. Social Justice Warriors are the Senator Joe McCarthys of today. Their crusades to annihilate people are not unlike the Salem witch trials. Kill ’em first, check facts later.

Let people learn from their mistakes without eradicating their very existence just to make an accuser feel saintly. One finger pointing at another leaves four pointing back at you. Chooooo chooooo…and the karma train never forgets.

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