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Tag, you’re it. Is this the new normal?

support system for the Lincoln Bridge in Louisville, August 16, 2017

Welcome to our compassionate city! We respect each other!”

Walsh Construction company has completed its work on the $2.3 billion Ohio River Bridges project. Back in early May, the company agreed to scrub away graffiti for 90 days. That window is about to expire. Cleanup duties now fall onto the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

Here are photos taken within the past 24 hours in the Spaghetti Junction area, around the adjacent skate park, and a few shots of defaced interstate signs.

Generous taxpayers built new infrastructure. Uninvited “artists” soiled the new infrastructure.

Who’s in charge here?

OPTICS: Louisville is an unclean cesspool. There are over 200 museums throughout the metro area where artists can display their genius.

Public property belongs to everyone. No individual may force feed their definition of art on the public at large without recourse.


email from a radio listener:

Few thoughts:
1) Poor images aside, these cameras are supposed to be monitored 24 X 7 by Metrosafe. Who is asleep at the wheel there?
2) Has anyone ever been caught tagging? If so, make a public example of them by assigning the perp to clean, repaint, whatever and let the media cover it widely to discourage others. Blur the face(s) if its a minor.
3) Some of these tags must take hours (waterfront a few months ago). How many calls were made to LMPD? Let Conrad explain why no one is ever caught.
4) Unless “Compassion” Fischer and “Excuse” Conrad take this type crime seriously, the new interchange will be covered in months. Bring both on your show and ask them what they are doing and plan to do to address the issue. Public pressure – you have the pulpit, sir.

***NOTE: Metrosafe informed me that they provide space to LMPD for its security system and the monitoring is the responsibility of the police department.

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