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Rick Pitino on his firing and UofL’s “smear” of Tom Jurich

Rick and Joanne Pitino, Puerto Rico (2015)

In his first comprehensive interview since being fired at the University of Louisville, Rick Pitino defended Tom Jurich against what he called the UofL administration’s “smear” tactics.

He also talked about “Coach 1” Jordan Fair, controlling his employees, David Padgett’s new Cardinals team, board chairman David Grissom & the board of trustees’ agenda, severance money for both Pitino and Jurich, his adidas lawsuit, thoughts for Cards fans, and much more #L1C4

From the Courier-Journal: “Did Pitino throw Jordan Fair under the bus?”

Pop the popcorn. Here is the entire half hour conversation.

WDRB 41 Louisville News

FULL TRANSCRIPT of the Pitino conversation via WDRB News HERE

Rick Pitino and I have had some fascinating, insightful radio interviews over the years. Will he ever return to my microphones for another long form conversation? Here’s how our chat ended.


Meiners: “Are you going to watch University of Louisville basketball games or any university athletic pursuits?”

Pitino: “I’ll be rooting for all the coaches at U of L. I’ll be rooting for my players, David Padgett, I’ll be rooting for them every single game. I want them to go on and win the national championship … David is one of my players. I think the world of him. I hope he has great success and certainly nothing but praying that they go on and have great years.”

Meiners: “Coach Pitino, great talking to you, we’ll do it again down the road.”

Pitino: “Terry, probably we won’t, but you’ve been a good friend and I thank you for having me. I’ll say goodbye to you for a long time, and you be well and say hello to your beautiful wife.”

Meiners: “Wait a minute, am I supposed to lose your phone number now? Don’t say that.”

Pitino: “No, no, I’m talking about professionally on the air. You know you’re always welcome.”

Meiners: “Thanks coach.”

Pitino: “Take care.”


#WeTheFuture is a sea of hope that the Cards will rise again. Nonetheless, a hearty thank you and applause to Rick Pitino, Tom Jurich, and a vast collection of coaches who’ve raised UofL athletics success to unprecedented heights.

Under Vince Tyra’s leadership, let’s trudge forward with honor to experience whatever tomorrow brings.

Thanks for an incredible ride, Tom.

Tom Jurich, November 2016
Dr Greg Postel and board chairman David Grissom, October 18, 2017 (photo: Howie Lindsey)
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