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Trump rallies for Bevin on election eve 2019

President Donald Trump and Governor Matt Bevin, Rupp Arena, Lexington, Kentucky (November 4, 2019)

President Donald Trump rallied in Lexington’s Rupp Arena on behalf of Governor Matt Bevin on the night before his re-election bid. Trump talked about Bevin’s many achievements, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s successes in getting federal judges confirmed, Kentucky’s overall progress, University of Kentucky basketball, and many random quips about various national Democrat stars.

“Matt Bevin is pro-worker, pro-life, and 100% pro-Second Amendment,” Trump said to a rousing response from the audience.

As for the chance that Democrat attorney general Andy Beshear could take the governor’s seat from Bevin, Trump stated emphatically “You can’t let that happen to me.”

Trump referenced the all-time high Dow Jones industrial average, intense trade negotiations with China, America’s global standing under his administration, and the challenges that slowed prior presidents.

The Lexington Herald Leader’s takeaway centered on a Trump joke about Bevin’s persistent requests to persuade company owners to consider expanding in Kentucky. Trump kidded that Bevin can be “such a pain in the ass, but that’s what you want.”

There’s the “gotcha” phrase that the Herald Leader can use to mirror its own editorial summary of Bevin, his administration, and anything Republican.

The POTUS mocked Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, The Washington Post, “fake news” media, and other liberal faves like gun control and the Paris Climate Accord. “These people are lunatics!” Trump blasted from the stage.

Days earlier, the Louisville Courier Journal delivered its usual affirmation for the Democrat du jour.

The state’s two largest newspapers remain perpetually blue, trying to sell their products in a decidedly red Kentucky. No national Democrat rallied on behalf of Andy Beshear over the course of the campaign. With Democrat 2020 presidential candidates’ overt promotion of socialism, free healthcare for illegal immigrants, and climate change prioritization, no Kentucky candidate needs friends like those.

A packed Rupp Arena crowd even cheered when Mr. Trump referenced Ford’s business investment “in Louisville.” Peace is possible.

Earlier in the day, I spoke with Governor Matt Bevin and his challenger Andy Beshear in separate WHAS Radio interviews. Both candidates gave their projection of what Kentucky will experience in the weeks following this election.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell traveled with President Trump on Air Force One for the Lexington rally. Both of Kentucky’s senators were called to the stage to make brief comments.

President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, November 4, 2019
Senator Rand Paul and President Donald Trump, Rupp Arena, November 4, 2019

And just like that, President Trump is back in Washington. Gov. Bevin texted me a few minutes ago with a smiley face and thumbs up emojis to signal his joy with the rally experience.

We will know how Kentucky’s future political landscape is shaped in 24 hours.

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