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You did build that

WHAS personalities Lachlan McLean and Terry Meiners with Papa John’s founder John Schnatter, April 10, 2009

A few months after “Papa” John Schnatter created outrage by fretting over increased product costs due to Barack Obama’s health care mandate, the Courier-Journal published an exhaustive profile of Schnatter and his company’s outlook.

It turns out that Obama and Schnatter are both doing what they do best…tweaking the establishment.


TV comedians like Stephen Colbert went to town in pillorying Schnatter for his blunt comments. The MAD Magazine illustration below was released the same week as PEOPLE Magazine’s annual “Sexiest Man Alive” issue.

MAD Magazine parody, August 2012

Internet memes were usually unkind.

John Schnatter was hurt by the blowback from his blunt business comments but stood by them in the January 2013 profile in his hometown newspaper.

BOTTOM LINE: He worked 30 years on a vision he’d had most of his life. A few friends jumped in after he got the wheels turning all by himself. He hit the motherlode. Good for him. Schnatter is an amazing success story of fortitude, setbacks, and perseverance all through the Pursuit of Happiness. The journey is the real pot of gold.

Everyone should work as hard to whip dreams into reality.

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