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Dr. Greg Postel: man of few published words

by Terry Meiners

Should a man with a skimpy resume serve as the next president of the University of Louisville? Dr. Greg Postel is UofL’s interim president and is working hard to make it his official title. The university’s board of trustees will ultimately decide if Dr. Postel, a radiologist, has a presidential level body of work.

The Thinker by Auguste Rodin

People seem to like his administrative direction and I’m told he’s got people skills but what about his paperwork? Dr. Postel’s list of published manuscripts is on the thin side when compared to other academicians like former Presidents Dr. James Ramsey, Dr. Neville Pinto, and Dr. Postel’s former UofL boss Dr. David Dunn.

After 23 years at UofL, Postel cites just 19 published manuscripts in his scant seven page curriculum vitae.

But we learn he was once a guest on a local radio show (transcript not available).

Seriously, where is the voluminous research and analysis that most university president eggheads tirelessly churn out to pull higher education forward?

By comparison, former University of Louisville interim President Pinto’s 26 page resume lists 87 published manuscripts, book chapters, and conference proceedings in his specialty of engineering. Pinto also lists 122 research presentations to Postel’s one (principle investigator for an imaging technology).

Financial specialist (irony noted) Dr. Jim Ramsey’s resume lists more than 60 authored or co-authored articles, book chapters, and proceedings in refereed publications.

Rick Pitino, Dr. Greg Postel, and Tom Jurich meet with the media after receiving harsh NCAA penalties.

For medical comparison with Dr. Postel, check the accomplishments of his predecessor Dr. David Dunn, the former executive vice president of health affairs for UofL. Dunn has been published 322 times, two-thirds of the manuscripts in refereed (peer-reviewed) publications. He’s co-authored two medical books and published 83 book chapters.

Dunn was dry docked by Dr. James Ramsey in 2015 when questions arose about whether federal research money was misused by Dunn and two associates. After an investigation, the U.S. attorney decided not to pursue the case and Dunn was given a $1.15 million settlement to leave UofL. Dr. Postel then popped up the chain as Dunn’s successor.

So Dr. Dunn, formerly in a pseudo second-in-command position at UofL, lists about fifteen times more peer-reviewed authorship than presidential hopeful Dr. Postel.

Dunn’s prolific published manuscript work indicates the UofL board of trustees should demand more from Dr. Postel or any candidate who wants to be the actual president of the university. Make Dr. Dunn’s portfolio a measuring device.

Peer-reviewed and approved research matters. Unless his resume was edited with humility in mind, Dr. Postel is clearly a research underachiever and not yet ready to earn the presidency of the University of Louisville.

College presidents don’t pop up like Pez candies just because they’re next in line. Character, intellect, work ethic, and a boundless curiosity for academic research are the first four checkpoints for considering a potential university president. As of today, Dr. Greg Postel does not match the criterion.

Pez. You never know what will pop up next.

a report by Deloitte’s Center for Higher Education Excellence


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