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Megyn America Grate Again

Creators of The Simpsons are quietly purging all scenes of Apu the Kwiki Mart owner. The character is Indian. White actor Hank Azaria provides the voice for Apu and a dozen other characters on the show.

America’s current woke sensitivity has revved up another faux crusade. One person complained and suddenly 30 years of scenes are being clipped out of the archives.

Instead of allowing the creators to evolve the character, complainants demand that Apu is purged.

This is the same sort of media control seen in North Korea and Iran.

The Apu firestorm has inspired some clever replies like this sarcastic video campaign.

One Simpsons show producer denies that Apu is being purged but only time will reveal whether the character is retained.

In October 2018, maniacal Trump fanboy Cesar Soyac sent pipe bombs to more than a dozen prominent liberals like Hillary, Joe Biden, George Soros, the NY governor, and CNN. Soyac drives a bizarre van covered in stickers that promote Trump and demonize liberals.

I wonder how they caught him?

Cesar Soyac, the alleged MAGAbomber

It turns out that Soyac is a Native American. Are comedic actors of Native American heritage the ONLY people who are allowed to parody the MAGAbomber?

I can’t wait to see how Saturday Night Live will navigate these PC waters. They have to skewer the former male stripper wannabe bomber who lives IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!

There are no native American males in the current cast of SNL. What’s a comedian to do?

Do comedy, that’s what. Stop flinching at these woke thought police. Parody is an important part of cultural expression and cannot be nuked over the objections of a scant few.

White people cannot impersonate black people because of America’s original sin of slavery. We all get that, Megyn Kelly. But to forbid any impersonation of anyone unless they are an ethnic and political twin is insane.

Art, comedy, acting, writing, musical expression, and performance art require exaggeration without censorship. An audience experiences suspended reality to fully engage with a production.

Morgan Freeman and George Burns both played God perfectly.

It’s in the art. Not in the look.

Perhaps the suddenly unemployed Megyn Kelly is now freed up to impersonate Soyac, Apu, Maxine Waters, and the entire cast of Hamilton. What does she have to lose now?

Former WHAS Radio show host John Ziegler hits a home run here: the unscripted serious TV talk show is creeping toward extinction, unless it plays to a partisan cult (The View, The Talk, etc).

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