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Papa Jaundice

After the re-election of Barack Obama, Papa John’s pizza founder John Schnatter told a Florida newspaper that he would have to make business adjustments to absorb the costs of Obamacare. The primary method may be to limit more employees to part-time status (under 30 hours weekly) to avoid having to offer health care benefits.

Internet meme generators, plus Facebook and Twitter users are having a field day with with Schnatter’s candid cutback strategies.

Lydia Burrell ‏@LydiaBurrell
“Wait till you see what’s next” I’M GUESSING IT ISN’T A F***ING DENTAL PLAN #papajohns

The web site Democrats For Progress used an aerial photograph of Schnatter’s home to berate him.

CNN’s Tom Foreman counters John Schnatter’s increased costs claims:

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