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Terry Paparazzi

photo: Scott Utterback, The Courier-Journal

The Courier-Journal photographer Scott Utterback, a legendary lensman, caught me grabbing boxing photos ringside at Freedom Hall on June 24, 2017 during The Real Deal event.

So far, the National Enquirer has not offered to pay for any of my out-of-focus iPhone 4 discolored photos of unknown boxers. But it’s a start.

My job offers great opportunities outside of radio and TV studios. In May, Katie George from WDRB joined me at the Galt House to interview ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit. It was a benefit for The Parklands.

Terry Meiners, Katie George, and Kirk Herbstreit at the Galt House, May 2017 — photo: John Nation

I’ve hosted the event for several years and suggested adding Katie to give it new life and a younger demo. She did an outstanding job.

Here’s the latest magazine feature on Louisville’s most recognized new media talent.

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