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WHAS11 celebrates 30 years of Good Morning Kentuckiana

WHAS personalities Eric King, Andy Treinen, Ken Schulz, Sam Gabrielli, Renee Murphy, Kelsey Starks, Terry Meiners, Colleen Peterson, Joe Federle, Barry Bernson, Sam Gray, Rachel Platt, Joe Arnold, Hayley Minogue (Jan 27, 2023)

Ken Schulz, Renee Murphy, Terry Meiners, Kelsey Starks, Joe Arnold, Rachel Platt, Barry Bernson, Andy Treinen (Jan 27 2023)

Colleen Peterson deferred to Ken Schulz so that he could forecast the weather once again!
Joe Federle, Barry Bernson, Rachel Platt, Ken Schulz

Great to spend time with two of my all time favorite teammates, Kelsey Starks and Rachel Platt, both consummate pros.
Some more GMK greats who were unable to attend include Derrick Rose, Juliana Valencia, and TG Shuck.
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