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Comedy in the culture of apology

Millennial: “I don’t judge people.”
Me: “You lock your door, don’t you?”
Millennial: “Yes.”
Me: “Then you’re judging people, dipstick.”

laughing with diversity

Of course locking your door doesn’t make you judgmental. It’s a joke about sound judgment related to known threats in society, the same judgment needed to select your kid’s school and the neighborhood you call home.

dont judge me

Is comedy dead in a perpetually aggrieved society? Nope. It’s just limited to self-deprecation or vilification of oppressive white dudes.

The very black Chris Rock isn’t allowed to excoriate faulty African Americans any longer. This brilliant comedy piece is 20 years old. Another masterful bit from Rock is entitled How to Not Get Your Ass Kicked By The Police.

Today’s #BlackLivesMatter hypersensitivity keeps Rock from doing this type of material lest he be accused of abusing the marginalized. He’s black and yet he is dissuaded from clowning on black people by PC overlords. Insane.

amy schumer book

Amy Schumer and other femoir heroines have worn out the concept of cathartic autobios. Showing vulnerability doesn’t work in a world where Caitlyn Jenner pitches FIERCE female fire.

It’s surprising that the man who narrated the above video hasn’t been executed by Jihad Jenny.

Millennials tell their elders to stop shaming them even though a majority of millennials are self-righteous pricks offended by everything. Their street cred is built on the notion that they are pure of heart and that people with contrary views do not deserve their right to free speech.

There are some millennials who mock the shallow nature of their selfie-obsessed peers.

For many twentysomethings, Whinytown is today’s cultural capitol. Self-proclaimed tolerant millennials have no tolerance for “elders” like Rock and Jerry Seinfeld. Both say they will no longer perform on college campuses, tired of finger-wagging political correctness.

kardashian american whore story

After lampooning a grad student demanding free birth control as a slut, radio’s Rush Limbaugh was slut-shamed into apologizing. Howard Stern had to eat his words for calling a pudgy woman “a talentless little fat chick.”

Lena Dunham
Lena Dunham

Big-boned liberals are to be celebrated for their natural beauty. Notice that late night comedians are not corrected for fat-shaming Chris Christie because, dude, he’s a conservative.

But Melissa McCarthy is a comedy genius. (cue one of a thousand women empowerment anthems: Roar! This is My Fight Song!, etc)

feminist overweight

Humor is subjective. Some will laugh at the above meme and others don’t believe that anyone has the right to make that point.

Today’s Joe McCarthy wannabe millennials cast aspersions upon those they determine to be racist, homophobic, misogynistic “white dude” oppressors of the “marginalized” (read: anyone who isn’t getting sufficient attention).

shout racist

Free speech is on life support because our kids don’t understand the danger of impeding it.

It’s on us to teach them to discern and judge a tumultuous culture where not every person is deserving of unchecked adoration. Teach your kids to judge what’s right and wrong and what is productive and what is treacherous or dangerous.

Judgment is good.

“I take care of my kids!” we cry, expecting to be praised with lots of LIKES and heart emojis.

Chris Rock rolls his eyes: “You’re SUPPOSED to take care of your kids!”

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