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Hoosier doozy

The Indiana Hoosiers beat the Kentucky Wildcats 73-67 in the second round of the NCAA Tournament, a very rare early departure for UK. Kentucky coach John Calipari was gracious in defeat, telling Indiana coach Tom Crean “I’m happy for you.” Crean has been pilloried by IU fans in recent years for what they consider slow progress.

IU beats Kentucky

A member of the UK band is the early frontrunner for Meme Queen of the Tournament

The Crying Jordan meme was quickly pressed into service…

UK piccolo girl MJ tears 2016

…generating bitterness from some sensitive UK fans.

UofL recruiting strip club

katina powell banner

Louisville fans are reveling in schadenfreude, or enjoying the misery of others.

UK fans in shock

Kentucky fans have been swimming in a river of schadenfreude since Louisville’s dormitory sex scandal emerged last fall.

calipari anthony davis prostitutes dorms

steve harvey UK advances

But today is about the Indiana Hoosiers and Tom Crean’s most important victory as their coach. Let them celebrate a terrific win. The fans from all the teams will continue taunting each other into infinity.

IU vs UK tailgate

For everyone’s personal safety, it’s a good idea to stay away from this guy for the next few weeks.

uk fan nut

IU beats Kentucky stats

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