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Jennifer’s Louisville

photo from November 2014, gifted by Dior to the Louisville Pride Foundation "hometown heroes" banner campaign
photo from November 2014, gifted by Dior to the Louisville Pride Foundation “hometown heroes” banner campaign

The “Jennifer’s Louisville” banner goes up this Saturday on the 6th Street side of the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts (visible to eastbound I-64 traffic).

Jen’s response: ““I feel so lucky to be born and raised a Louisville girl,” said Lawrence. “Louisville gave me a perspective and informed my identity in a beautiful and honest way. I’m grateful for this honor and extremely humbled to join this list. (I mean, Muhammad Ali?) Thank you. Go Cards.”

From Gary & Karen Lawrence: “The Lawrence family would like to thank everyone involved in this project. We think it is so cool that the City of Louisville would honor our daughter in this way. Thank you so much.”

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Movie buffs should note that the Jennifer banner will face an area used for a scene in “Stripes” (1981) where an undisciplined Bill Murray drops a pizza onto the alley across from where banner will hang. Murray packs up his pizza, goes inside the building and learns his girlfriend is ending their relationship (warning: topless actress!). Murray and his buddy Harold Ramis then contemplate joining the army. The next scene features the actors playing basketball indoors with Murray throwing the ball through a window (approx 10 min into video below). A few moments later, a passerby in the alley throws it back, breaking another window.

The owner of the building says the movie crew never offered to pay for the broken windows.

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