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Louisville’s got that going for us, which is nice

A flood of Bill Murray sightings popped onto social media this week. The actor known as being the most chill celebrity in the world spends time in Louisville with his son Luke, a top recruiter and assistant coach for University of Louisville men’s basketball.

Luke and his wife Kara are expecting their second child soon. Murray loves visiting his son’s family, even handing out Halloween candy at their home last October.

This week, Louisville’s head basketball coach Chris Mack hosted an old guy basketball camp complete with competition, film breakdown, celebrity guests like Bill Murray and Jay Bilas, and a championship game.

Nick Coffey, Terry Meiners, Will Clark (September 6, 2019)

Even though I wore a uniform, I played the role of general manager for some of my much younger colleagues like 790KRD morning host Nick Coffey and 840WHAS news anchor Will Clark.

Chris Mack, Terry Meiners, Jay Bilas, Will Clark, Nick Coffey (September 7, 2019)

The seminars were terrific. Game play was fun. The trainers got a workout helping the old guys deal with sore muscles.

All indications are that the days of a scandal weary UofL basketball program are finally fading away. Finally!

Chris Mack and Jay Bilas (September 7, 2019)

Having Jay Bilas visit the freshly joyous Louisville basketball program was terrific but it is Murray who turns heads wherever he goes.

Murray, 68, parties at a slightly slower pace than he did in the 80s, but he still turns up by surprise at wedding receptions, reunions, pubs, and the occasional party where he is actually expected.

Such was the case at Chris and wife Christie Mack’s Prospect area home this week. Coach Mack’s basketball camp brought Murray to both the gym and a casual dinner party.

Murray was incredibly kind to each fan who asked for a photo, including a woman who said “I hate to interrupt your dinner.”

Murray sprang from his seat and replied, “It’s OK, I’ve eaten before.”

She got the photo she wanted.

Murray was especially amused with my wife Mary, teasing her about settling for a guy like me. He slyly turned the conversation into the concept that Mary was so incredibly lucky to land a man of my superior intellect and rugged good looks.

He saw me, looked at Mary, looked back at me, then stared at Mary and said, “How did you land THIS guy?” as if he was looking at the world’s top male model.

Murray and I had already exchanged a few laughs earlier in the day so he knew that I am conditioned to taking a ribbing. He also enjoys the art of changing facial expressions between successive photos. Here are a few examples shot by an observer.

WDRB director of sales Rick Burrice was more than a bit surprised to find Murray hitting golf balls next to his sons on the Audubon Country Club driving range.

via Facebook

With over 40 years working in broadcasting, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet dozens of highly famous people. Most of them are accommodating and offer great show content, but very few seem to savor the company of everyday working people.

Bill Murray seems just as comfortable listening, not talking, but listening to people tell him about their lives. It was impressive to watch him interact with 30 or 40 people at Mack’s house and maybe a hundred others at the basketball gym.

What a chill dude. What a great gift for UofL basketball and the city of Louisville.

And yes, the Caddyshack star did hit the golf course to play 18 with Luke at Valhalla. Once again, Murray patiently posed for photos with golfers and Valhalla staff members.

Bill Murray and Valhalla teammate Charlie Logsdon (September 8, 2019)

As he walked into the clubhouse, I said I’d see him for trick-or-treating next month for Halloween. Murray shot back, “Wait til you see my costume.”

Welcome home, Bill.

Terry Meiners, Bill Murray, Jonathan Blue (September 6, 2019)
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