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Terry and Mary George Meiners at Unbridled Eve, which benefits Blessings in a Backpack. May 3, 2013


Larry Bird at the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass.  Larry and I talked about the Pete Dye Course in French Lick and he recalled that he "used to go hunting up in those hills."  September 8, 2013
Larry Bird at the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass. Larry and I talked about the Pete Dye Course in French Lick and he recalled that he “used to go hunting up in those hills.” September 8, 2013


Terry & Mary cheer the Louisville Cardinals to victory past the Kentucky Wildcats 32-14 on September 2, 2012
Terry & Mary George Meiners with Vicki & Charlie Strong at Unbridled Eve, May 3, 2013
Terry Meiners, ESPN reporter Jeannine Edwards, and Louisville’s NCAA national champion point guard Peyton Siva at Ferdinand’s Ball, May 2, 2013
Terry Meiners & Rick Pitino with the NCAA national championship trophy, April 26, 2013. Pitino had just delivered on a promise to his team that he would get a tattoo if they won the championship.
January 1, 2012 —- Happy New Life!
Simon, Terry, and Max Meiners (October 22, 2012)
Aidan and Grace, October 2012
Mary & Terry Meiners are caught on a live mic at Unbridled Eve with Matt Jones, Louisville Crashers singer Mark Maxwell, and Drew Franklin. “Sweet Caroline” never sounded so sour.
Max Meiners, left, is now a director for WHAS-11 News. Simon Meiners is a writer who is shockingly taller than his father. Gracie is a second grade angel who sings, plays tennis, and makes me laugh every day.
Mary & Terry Meiners with “The Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence (2010)
First tournament entry. First tennis match ever. Gracie snared a 2nd place trophy. She even smiled in her sleep.
I don’t understand why Angie Fenton and Laura Rogers avoid me at the Great Day Live studio. Perplexing, really.
Rachel Platt, Terry Meiners, Angie Fenton, and Laura Rogers on August 22, 2012, the one year anniversary of the start of Great Day Live.
Serving multiple broadcast outlets: with sportswriter Jody Demling at Churchill Downs, May 2012

BROTHERS: Chris and Tim Meiners join me with Mary’s brother John George and his sons Eli and Samuel.

Kristin Walls and Laura Rogers are two of the delightful women who are part of the Great Day Live team on WHAS-11. There is terrific chemistry among our morning show team. Catch us weekdays at 9 on WHAS-11.
WDRB’s new 7pm (on WBKI) anchor team dropped by the radio station. Lindsay Allen is one of my broadcast family faves. David Scott is a fine chap, too. Their boss, Bill Lamb, owes me $6 from a long overdue golf bet so he waited in the car.
UK coach John Calipari doesn’t miss a chance to jab me for being a Louisville homer. True that.
Terry & Mary or Ice T and Coco? We are clearly cooler. Ice that, T Man.

One of the most compelling stories of human survival recently came full circle as former Ukraine orphan Oksana Masters won a bronze medal at the 2012 Paralympics Games in London. A Louisville resident for the last 12 years, Oksana is a double amputee whose early years in a Ukraine orphanage brought near-starvation, pervasive sexual abuse, and complex physical challenges. Adopted by a persistent college professor, Oksana is now one of the most successful rowers in the world. WATCH Oksana on Great Day Live and read her story here.

The Beasman knows he can cold cock Larry Minner any dadgum time he wants. He just doesn’t want to. Yet.
Miss America loves her some Meiners.
Back row, second from right. Couldn’t get a hit if his life depended on it. (1969 Camp Taylor Little League)
Just chillin’ on the popular Great Day Live set, August 1, 2012
That’s right. I’m jumping higher than 3 UK Wildcats. (1990)
Terry Meiners and Andy Treinen fight over their shared TV wife Rachel Platt.
Bald men shouldn’t waste a professional’s time.

Mary George Meiners allowed Pam Spalding from the Courier-Journal to photograph her for a story about people who are too busy to go out for lunch. The story went nationwide and Mary became a symbol of busy moms cramming all they can into their professional day so that they have time for their kids in the late afternoon and evening. (published April 9, 2012; photo by The Courier-Journal)

Brooke Katz and Laura Rogers are two of the radiant lights at WHAS-11. Brooke finally appeared on Great Day Live in December 2012 to highlight her interview with boxer Mike Tyson. Brooke pushed Tyson to talk about the odd situation where he visited his estranged wife only to find her in bed with Brad Pitt.
INDIANAPOLIS—Oct. 7, 2012 I’ve gone to see the Green Bay Packers on four different road games. They’ve lost every one. I am The Curse. Forgive me, Cheese God.

Greg and Terry Meiners flank Packers fans in Indianapolis. Even with a significant Packers fan base shouting in the Colts’ stadium, the highly ranked Packers folded at the end of the game.

1983 WQMF promo photo; Rhonda Kerr sent it in June 2013 and wrote: “I had the teenage girl giggles. Ron kept saying stop giggling, which only made me giggle more!” (from Rhonda Kerr)
One of the USA’s most decorated gymnastics heroes (5 Olympic + 9 World Championship medals), Anastasia “Nastia” Liukin visited Great Day Live. She promoted a show with the 2012 Fierce Five Olympic superstars at KFC Yum! Center. 22-years-old and ready for retirement, Nastia heads to NYU in January to pursue a degree in sports management
Terry with baby joey on Great Day Live, October 2, 2012
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