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Louisville leaders react to the arrest of NFAC leader Grandmaster Jay

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer declared racism a public health crisis in his city. Fox News talk show host Tucker Carlson claims Fischer is using an immeasurable noble cause to mask his failures as the city’s chief executive.

Mayor Fischer joined me on 840WHAS a few days later and we discussed Carlson’s derision, plus the fresh news that Black militia leader Grandmaster Jay had been arrested for pointing an AR rifle at law enforcement. Many Black leaders feel that the arrest of the militia leader affirms law enforcement’s systemic intimidation of minorities.

The mayor sounded disappointed in the arrest of Grandmaster Jay (real name John Johnson). Surveillance video showed Johnson pointing an AR platform weapon upward. Law enforcement claims he was pointing the rifle at FBI agents, U.S. Secret Service agents, and LMPD officers monitoring activities from a rooftop.

Grandmaster Jay points weapon during Louisville protest, September 4, 2020

Certain Black leaders claim the arrest is intended to intimidate minorities from exercising their First Amendment and Second Amendment rights. Louisville Urban League CEO Sadiqa Reynolds tweeted “Compare this to the days they hung us and left our bodies in trees – to remind the rest of us of their power and what could happen if we got out of line.”

Twitter feed of Louisville Urban League CEO Sadiqa Reynolds

My broadcast teammate and close friend Dr. Ricky Jones also tweeted his outrage with his whimsical words.

Here’s the official arrest info release from the office of the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Kentucky.

John “Grandmaster Jay” Johnson, who shouted into a bullhorn that if the officers involved in the shooting of Breonna Taylor were not indicted and convicted, he would return to Louisville and “burn this mother fucker down.”

Grandmaster Jay’s group the NFAC marched in Louisville multiple times, including Kentucky Derby weekend in September.
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